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After 50 years, the ideals behind Central Virginia’s Twin Oaks community still possess a powerful pull



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With a little help from our friends

The dining hall complex is called ZK. We had ex-members as general contractors making sure the member workers did what was needed. While we did all the construction labor, it is not quite true that we did all the work required to put this large building in place.

Paxus Calta-Star 341 days ago

Minor corrections

Your article is overwhelmingly accurate, something the NY Times could not quite pull off. There are a few minor errors which i would like to address. The first is the age cap. It is not true that the community doe snot take people over 54. We do. There is a slightly different process however for taking them and often people find this discouraging. I have written about this at length in this self critical blog post called "Is Twin Oaks ageist?"

Paxus Calta-Star 342 days ago

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