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Beaufont Springs location

You're way off in locating Beaufont. It was located roughly in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Chippenham Parkway and Midlothian Turnpike. Hence the past names of the shopping center there, Beaufont Mall. In fact, traveling on Chippenham from Forest Hill, back when Cloverleaf Mall was new, you could still see the picnic shelters and tables through the woods. Picture it as behind the Boulders development.

David McGrann 112 days ago

Beaufont property

That is correct. I remember as a kid going over there. Macon and Elsie Campbell were caretakers of the property. The spring house is still there and was being restored last year. I have not gone back in several months. My grandfather said one of the reasons my great-grandfather bought that land was because the city accidentally dumped mercury in the natural spring that runs under the brewery at Harrison and Clay.

Mike Valentine 64 days ago

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