Room to Ride

New bike lanes are in the works for the city and counties



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Chesterfield is Misleading

It's nice to see all of the nice orange lines on the Chesterfield map. However, if the proposed bike lanes are like the bike lanes introduced on Route 10 last year, then the bike lanes will be unusable. They are too narrow and full of sand and gravel. Poorly designed bike lanes cause an issue. It leads those that don't bike to believe the county wasted money and we don't need bike lanes because they aren't being used. As a average biker, I feel they wasted money because they didn't design a bike lane that an average person can ride in. I am hoping the proposed bike lanes don't repeat the past.

Ms Scarlett Gray 23 days ago

Bike lanes or sharrows?

Looking at the map, I'm trying to picture the bike lanes on the map in Richmond. Is this counting sharrows as bike lanes? 24 days ago

Must be bike "routes"

It must be counting bike routes. I can say for sure some of those lines are on streets without dedicated bike lanes.

rva biker 24 days ago