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Richmond counterculture icon Donnie "Dirt Woman" Corker dies at 65



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Dirt Woman talking to

I used to stop and talk to him in front of the Village Cafe. I think we joked a lot..atrocious puns and the like most could'nt not like the guy..

Keith VanAllen 239 days ago

Dirt Woman

Thank you for this, Harry. RIP, Donnie.

Alison Swann 239 days ago

Long Live Dirt Woman

Thank you for the beautifully written tribute to Dirt Woman. Of all the articles I've read this week yours comes closest to explaining the unexplainable. Ghia Campbell, Dave Brockie, Wesley Gibson and Dirt Woman: I knew them all and my life has been so much fuller because of it.

Tom Wingfield 239 days ago

re: Long Live Dirt Woman

I second that, Tom!

Deverell Pedersen 238 days ago

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